Monday, October 7, 2013


My grandma (Mimi) passed away on September 26th.  On the 25th the family stood around praying and laughing and loving.  As I left that night, I had a song inside that I needed to write.  I wrote it over the weekend and we played it at her funeral last Tuesday.  It was the hardest song I've ever recorded.  I'd get a line in and would break down in tears.  But I finally got through it - though you can still hear my voice is on the verge throughout.

© 2013 Ross Christopher

her light glows a little dimmer
as her eyes look back with care
as loved ones near
with tears

she has to sleep now
she's done so much
she's filled the world now
she's loved so much

i whisper love into her ears
and try to hide my cries
this is the last time
its time


too soon you came
and took her away
but she needs her sleep
cause she's loved so much