Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Air Conditioning and the End of Human Interaction (at least for 3-4 months)

Welp, the air conditioning got turned on for the 1st time this year at our house…that means muggy days and nights, sweaty brows, and “swamp-back” are here till fall. That makes me frown. I don’t like to sweat. I don’t like to be wet unless I’m swimming or bathing. It’s uncomfortable and annoying. I get mad quicker. My patience becomes limited.

You want to solve the Middle East conflicts. Air-condition the entire region. No wonder everyone has it out for everyone else over there…its like 134 degrees in the shade. I’d want to murder a guy too. (food for thought)

But in all of the cool-air goodness, there has to be something that’s lost in it all. I was thinking about this while driving this morning: So, what happens when we turn on the A.C.?

We stop hanging out outside because it’s not as comfortable. When we stop hanging out outside, we stop seeing our neighbors. We become recluses for 3-4 months every summer. Heck, if there were a way to robotically mow my yard, I might never see another human being on my block. Thus, we have the breakdown of true community. We drive our climate controlled SUVs into our climate controlled garages and walk into our climate controlled homes. Whew, no human contact necessary!

So what are some other things in our lives that allow us to cease any real human contact???

Online Purchasing – like ebay, amazon, overstock, etc.




I ordered a Pizza online the other day (1 less person to interact with – check!)

The list could go on and on and on and on I’m sure. It’s sad. It’s pathetic. And we wonder why we don’t really know anyone anymore…but at least I'm not sweating :-(


Thursday, May 22, 2008

i have a raging meat headache...!

today i was in Kansas City and i just had to grab a bite to eat at my favorite KC establishment - Genghis Khan (an amazing Mongolian restaurant). anyway, as i always do, my first trip through the grill consisted of a hearty bowl of beef, noodles, onions, mushrooms, corn (for reference), potatoes, jalapeños, peanuts, and all of the spicy accoutrement's that make it my favorite establishment.

as always, delicious!

my 2nd trip through is always meat only - no filler!

as always, delicious!

then as i drove away i felt a sudden pain in my right frontal brain-area. it was much like a brain-freeze from drinking something cold way too fast. but i hadn't had anything cold to drink.

what caused this sharp pain then...?

well, it must have been the massive amount of meat i just ingested.

and now, several hours later, my meat headache still burns in my brow.

be careful folks...its a crazy, dangerous world out there!


Friday, May 16, 2008

Questions/Comments...3 Legged Greyhound, Nightmares, & Baby Crows

Hey folks. Ross again. I have a few random questions/comments that have been burning in my mind this week.

#1 - There's a lady in our neighborhood that always walks her dogs. She has 2 greyhounds. But in her 2 dogs, there's only 7 legs. Sad i'm sure. One just hops right next to the other one. Can you imagine? You're supposed to be the fastest racing dog on the planet and you've got 3 legs. I-R-O-N-Y! But unlike horses, it wasn't euthanized. Poor Seabiscut of dogs with 3 legs...

#2- Kate and I were talking about Cora the other day and we happened onto the topic of Nightmares. When do they start? Why do they happen? Does Cora dream? Then I said, "what exactly is a nightmare?" Can we have "Daymares." I mean, I get the night part. It happens at night. But the "mare" part??? I don't think they're terryfing dreams of horse stampedes during the night...Any help defining a nightmare and why we call it that would be greatly appreciated.

#3- Anyone ever seen a baby crow? They're always big when I see them. Hmmmm...


Monday, May 12, 2008

We're a TOMS Family!!!

Here we stand together - united as a family in TOMS shoes.

How cute are Cora's TOMS???

Check out more about TOMS SHOES at www.tomsshoes.com

Help give shoes as gifts to everyone!
-Ross, Kate , & Cora

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Ok. I have a confession to make. Every now and then I get an aching desire for something. Every now and then I get into this groove and the only thing I can do to soothe it is to take the bait and indulge.

My confession is that every now and then I get a hankerin' for country music. It usually lasts 2-3 days, but I've been known on occasion to indulge my country fix for a week or more.

And so it was this past weekend...needless to say, my fix has been had.

One can only "check his or herself for ticks" so much. And enough is enough, no more honkey-tonk-badonk-a-donk...please! Mr Adkins, you are ridiculously lame for ever agreeing to perform that tune (regardless of its payout!)

So, to everyone...please forgive me,
Ross :-)