Thursday, May 22, 2008

i have a raging meat headache...!

today i was in Kansas City and i just had to grab a bite to eat at my favorite KC establishment - Genghis Khan (an amazing Mongolian restaurant). anyway, as i always do, my first trip through the grill consisted of a hearty bowl of beef, noodles, onions, mushrooms, corn (for reference), potatoes, jalapeños, peanuts, and all of the spicy accoutrement's that make it my favorite establishment.

as always, delicious!

my 2nd trip through is always meat only - no filler!

as always, delicious!

then as i drove away i felt a sudden pain in my right frontal brain-area. it was much like a brain-freeze from drinking something cold way too fast. but i hadn't had anything cold to drink.

what caused this sharp pain then...?

well, it must have been the massive amount of meat i just ingested.

and now, several hours later, my meat headache still burns in my brow.

be careful folks...its a crazy, dangerous world out there!


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