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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nashville Trip- Day 4

So it seems like all we do is eat, and i think you are right.

Today we frequented the cupcake shop for breakfast once again. I figure i would be having a waffle here at the hotel so a cupcake can't be that bad of a trade. well, maybe if the cupcake had no icing it would be a good trade, but considering the cupcakes are 2/3's icing... trouble!

So anyway, ross had cookies and cream today and i had the top hat. what is a top hat you ask? a chocolate cupcake covered in buttercream icing and then dipped in chocolate ganache. yowzers. amazing. you may lick the picture if it helps to satisfy the craving you now have.

We also enjoyed another local restaurant for lunch- Sitar Nashville. Indian food. Bold choice for ross since the last time we had Indian food (bollywood in independence, mo) he hated it. i'm actually surprised he said he would go to this restaurant, but he does crazy things because he loves me. he took me to the brazilian cafe for mothers day (he liked it) and today he went to Sitar at my suggestion. And guess what, he liked it, a lot (like i knew he would). what was nice is that it had a lunch buffet so we could try all types of entrees rather than trying to choose one off of the menu. and since i was asking ross to go someplace he would rather not, i made a point to try every single thing on the buffet (even if it looked weird or gross). and surprisingly i liked it all, well all except the yogurt braised chicken that was bright pink. weird.

tomorrow we are off to smoky mtn national park. so no posts tomorrow i'm guessing... it would just be wrong to blog while camping and it would be wrong for a park to offer wireless in the campground. so even if it is available we won't be using it. camping is for the outdoors, period. so updates on cora's first camping trip when we get back.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nashville Trip- Day 3

What a day! Haircut, cupcakes and dinner with a KC friend.

1. Cupcakes- wow! So wow that we are going back tomorrow because each day brings a new menu full of cupcakes. I had white midnight madness and ross had peanut butter cup. we both thought ours was the best, so i would say we made good choices. though i wish i could have tried- dark chocolate midnight madness, wedding cake, hunka hunka banana chocolate, and southern comfort. i'm sure the list will be just as enticing tomorrow. thank goodness they do not put the calorie count on the menu!

2. Haircut.
I ventured to a place in midtown called streets salon. i found it online by searching for salons in the midtown/vanderbilt area. streets won out because it had a website, it had a nice website, a cool looking salon, cool looking stylists and it was affordable.

i went in going for something drastically short but the stylist told me that wouldn't be best for my round face- ouch on the round part because i'm not so sure that normally i have a round face- i think its normally oval... oh well. (and yes i know the cupcakes aren't helping...) so she suggested the katie holmes look but with more layers. so here it is. it feels so much lighter. don't you just love that "i just got out of the salon" feel- so soft, the style looks the best it will ever look, etc.
3. Dinner- Tin Angel.
Good food, very giada-esque. eggplant parmigiano, orzo, proscuitto, etc. We ate dinner with a former co-worker from KC who is now working for tennessee state health in the TB section. good stuff- not TB but the job. it was great to catch up with him.

so the food was pretty good but the best part was when the waiter read, well more like stumbled through the specials list, describing things as chunky, puffed up rice, possibly part of the sauce, chicken of the forest which probably means a wild chicken, and more for a good 5 minutes. needless to say we did not order any of the specials. we also did not order the soup of the day after the waiter said, it's good, i had some yesterday...

4. and finally, i have seen this in those funny emails (funny sometimes but don't send me any more of these type of forwards, i will delete them- you know who you people are) but since i saw it in person i had to take a luckily we don't buy premium or we would have to leave cora in nashville. whew!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nashville Trip- Day 2

Today we visited the Parthenon, or at least the Nashville version, it was a great place to take pictures. I think Cora is getting close to sitting on her own- i'll let you all decide.
We saw lots of great local places to eat, I think we are going to run out of days for the amount of places we've noted. One place, that I hope to frequent tomorrow sells only cupcakes. I LOVE CUPCAKES. But for today we settled on a local/known place- a Mexican restaurant- La Hacienda. Known because, well it's pretty similar to other Mexican restaurants we frequent, but locally it is known for its shrimp entrees. Good stuff- stuffed to the brim.

But I want to make a note that it did not have a changing table in the bathroom and Cora was in DIRE need of one... disappointing.

Getting my hair chopped tomorrow- considering something daring, probably won't though. i'm a wimp. so i'll let you know tomorrow.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Nashville Trip- Day 1

We started on our week long trip to Nashville this morning. Ross is playing shows throughout the week and then we will be ending the week with a short trip to Smoky Mountain National Park. I'm excited for Cora's first camping trip.

On the way to Nashville we needed to stop to let Cora stretch her legs and eat so we stopped at an Illinois state park, little did I know that we were stopping at a famous place... On the way to the park I noticed a sign (not a billboard, but an actual city sign) that said "Giant Superman Statue- Straight Ahead" Only then did we notice that we were in Metropolis. Honestly, if Ross had not of pointed that out and made an "ah-ha" I wouldn't have made the correlation. So anyway, of course we needed to see what would be deemed a "giant statue" So 2 miles later and two $. 99 Sonic shakes later we came upon the statue.

It wasn't that tall or impressive so we took a picture of our heads coming out of a Superman cutout instead!

The funniest part of the entire thing is that the grocery store in town (which you stumble upon before the Superman statue) is bigger than the Superman statue- it totally stole his thunder...
We are making it a goal on this trip to eat dinner at only local places. Not only is it fun to try out new places but it is a good thing to support local business owners. so tonite's venture was the Calypso Cafe- it drew us in because of the Jamaica-esque food. It was great- rotisserie chicken covered with jerk sauce (ross) or apple/curry sauce (kate) with corn meal muffins and sweet potatoes both covered in coconut. The cafe was great, healthy and affordable, so check it out if you get a chance.