Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nashville Trip- Day 4

So it seems like all we do is eat, and i think you are right.

Today we frequented the cupcake shop for breakfast once again. I figure i would be having a waffle here at the hotel so a cupcake can't be that bad of a trade. well, maybe if the cupcake had no icing it would be a good trade, but considering the cupcakes are 2/3's icing... trouble!

So anyway, ross had cookies and cream today and i had the top hat. what is a top hat you ask? a chocolate cupcake covered in buttercream icing and then dipped in chocolate ganache. yowzers. amazing. you may lick the picture if it helps to satisfy the craving you now have.

We also enjoyed another local restaurant for lunch- Sitar Nashville. Indian food. Bold choice for ross since the last time we had Indian food (bollywood in independence, mo) he hated it. i'm actually surprised he said he would go to this restaurant, but he does crazy things because he loves me. he took me to the brazilian cafe for mothers day (he liked it) and today he went to Sitar at my suggestion. And guess what, he liked it, a lot (like i knew he would). what was nice is that it had a lunch buffet so we could try all types of entrees rather than trying to choose one off of the menu. and since i was asking ross to go someplace he would rather not, i made a point to try every single thing on the buffet (even if it looked weird or gross). and surprisingly i liked it all, well all except the yogurt braised chicken that was bright pink. weird.

tomorrow we are off to smoky mtn national park. so no posts tomorrow i'm guessing... it would just be wrong to blog while camping and it would be wrong for a park to offer wireless in the campground. so even if it is available we won't be using it. camping is for the outdoors, period. so updates on cora's first camping trip when we get back.

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