Friday, July 25, 2008

stalking fame these days

Last week it was Lance Armstrong in Omaha. Last night I ran into Black Crowes frontman, Chris Robinson getting tickets at the Cardinals game. So who's it gonna' be next week...?

Here's my prediction (rather, my hopes and dreams):
1. Jim Abbot (the dude pitched w/ a nub)
2. Zorro (full costume and all)
3. Osama (but what would I do if I actually saw him)
4. Sally Ride (you know the NASA chick from grade school - i mean, didn't every grade schooler check out her book?)
5. Rick Moranis (the greatest actor of our time)


Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Art Kiosk Diatribe

Being on the road a lot has its perks. Seeing new places, tasting new local foods, understanding community from different regional perspectives, etc. But what I'm noticing as the rising star is the local shopping mall, district, galley.

Today I was at the local indoor-mall-shopping-center-of-stores. It featured Macy's, Sears, a Barnes and Noble, Target, and I'm pretty sure there was a Hy-Vee attached, so needless to say I was in a real ritzy place. But what grabbed my attention more than the Annie's Pretzels (and I do love my pretzels!), and more than the numerous urban outfitter"z" was the oil paint kiosk. Never had I realized the pure necessity of typical midwesterners to oil "originals" of our favorite athletes, NASCAR celebrity, pop-icons, and scenes from movies that we all love.

It wasn't until today that I discovered my yearning desire to the, "say hello to my little friend" scene from Scarface. But, now I know. There was indeed a void that needed filling. And I just happened upon the Indian Artist that created the oil-painting masterpiece.

People, scenes from Scarface and Richard Petty is not art. If your living rooms are adorned with these - take them down. If you are still convinced that this is indeed art, please don't reproduce.


Ross and Lance Armstrong Swap Sweat...

What is this...? Gross...? True...? Well, let me give you the story.

Today, I drove to Omaha for my 2 concerts up here this weekend. I get up here and check into the Marriot Hotel around noon. Since I got an early check-in, I decided to hit the pool for a while. I'm out there for about an hour and start taking to a fellow traveler. Turns out that Lance Armstrong is staying here - I guess the ESPY's are finished and he's here in town doing some promo for a sports drink...? Long story short, Lance was at the pool the night before, lounging in the same exact lounge-chair that I'm in today.

Now I'm not one of those guys that gets all goo-goo and ga-ga around famous people. But seriously, Lance Armstrong is an athletic god. And I figure, its the midwest, its muggy and humid. Even a guy in his fit-ness sweats. So, it seems I'm here lounging in Lance's sweat. Gross? Neigh. Awesome. Fo sho!

Just another reason this job rocks!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Studio Vblog 007

Monday, July 7, 2008

Studio VBlog 006

this is a quick one...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Studio VBlog 005