Friday, July 25, 2008

stalking fame these days

Last week it was Lance Armstrong in Omaha. Last night I ran into Black Crowes frontman, Chris Robinson getting tickets at the Cardinals game. So who's it gonna' be next week...?

Here's my prediction (rather, my hopes and dreams):
1. Jim Abbot (the dude pitched w/ a nub)
2. Zorro (full costume and all)
3. Osama (but what would I do if I actually saw him)
4. Sally Ride (you know the NASA chick from grade school - i mean, didn't every grade schooler check out her book?)
5. Rick Moranis (the greatest actor of our time)



Brandon said...

what if you walked up on a fight next week between jeff bridges (tron) and ralph macchio? (no reference needed!)

Ross and Kate said...

i'd probably poop my pants, freshen up, then shake both their hands with tears in my eyes. life lived.