Saturday, January 31, 2009

Infomercials Worth EVERY Cent

Quite possibly the sexiest mustache and glasses combo EVER!

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Oh, I love that stuff...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Music Thursday

For this Thursday's post, I thought I'd mention some cool new CD's I picked up this week.

First, Ray Lamontagne put out his 3rd full length album, Gossip in the Grain. His voice is like liquid-gritty-velvet mixed with a taste of heaven; well, a sad and morose heaven. Nonetheless, its heavenly.Second, let me mention the new project from Switchfoot frontman, Jon Foreman AND Nickelcreek's guitarist, Sean Watkins, appropriately called Fiction Family. It won't blow your mind, but its worth picking up.

Thirdly and lastly, Elbow, out of the UK...Wow, these guys are mesmerizing! Its like a sexy and organic version of Sting meets Radiohead. I don't know, maybe not, but its caught my attention.

Check em' out online:

I hope you all check this stuff out and enjoy!

And Another

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Site of Failures - Hailarious!

My friend Brandon passed this comic gem my way this week:

Spend a few minutes there. It will make you smile. Here's some highlights:

(sadly, i've done this before...)

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

Hope that put a smile 'er 2 on your face,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sadly Proving My Thoughts & Feelings

For a while I've felt that the liberal agenda is systematically keeping the poor in their place, hiding injustices, enacting racist laws and programs that kill generation after generation of hopes and dreams. And in some miracle, this liberal agenda flies below the radar. It flies so well beyond any detection that the liberal parties and organizations are seen as champions for those that I believe they actually exploit.

Case and point...this week, in bailout #2, or is it #3, or #4 (i'm not sure anymore), Nancy Pelosi (Democrat and Speaker of the House - not a liberal commentator, not a talk show host, not a guest on The View, the Speaker of the House for the United States of America), suggested this as a 25% ($180 billion) of the newly proposed bailout by Congress...that "family planning services reduce cost" and "we have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy."

She went on to say, "Family planning services reduce cost and we can fix our economy by reducing the number of babies being born."

But I thought the Democrat party was the party of humanity, change, the poor, the forgotten, the trampled on, the minority, human rights, etc.? Am I mistaken? Isn't that how they are portrayed? Isn't that what stats tell us?

In November, 84% of minorities voted Democrat. That must say something. That stat is pretty open and shut. Democrats obviously have the most amazing PR team known to man to secure 84% support!

So what's this Pelosi interview suggest?

To me, it suggests what I've felt for a very long time. That liberal-Democrats use and manipulate whomever they can to gain political power. The systematic tendencies of government-run programs, keep very large portions of the population down generation after generation.

Week 1 of the Obama presidency and The Speaker of the House comes out to sell the nation on the proposed bailout (that they all agreed on) and says this in an interview with George Stephanopoulos...

STEPHANOPOULOS: Hundreds of millions of dollars to expand family planning services. How is that stimulus?

PELOSI: Well, the family planning services reduce cost. They reduce cost. The states are in terrible fiscal budget crises now and part of what we do for children's health, education and some of those elements are to help the states meet their financial needs. One of those - one of the initiatives you mentioned, the contraception, will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So no apologies for that?

PELOSI: No apologies. No. We have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy.

My commentary...that's only something a real ass would actually say in public. Even Stephanopoulos seemed shocked she would say that on national TV - she's not Michael Moore, she's the #1 representative of Congress in the US. And since 80% of "family planning" facilities are located in minority neighborhoods, and because minorities receive 3 fold the abortions that non-minority women revive, I can only see a perverse, racist, and manipulative party with its obvious agenda set to further exploit those that are poor and minority in the country. I see Speaker of the House, Pelosi and the rest of the party as part of this systematic scheme for power - that White-America can gain fiscally by preventing minorities from being born (becuase they just end up costing the state later on in life).

Why is there a disconnect between the words she speaks, the laws she and her party enact, and the support for the liberal Democrat cause?

We are not a white America, a black America, rich or poor. But after this interview, you could've fooled me.



Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year

Tonight, in honor of the Chinese New Year, I decided to dish up some delicious Chinese-esque creations. After a couple minutes seeing what supplies I had, I was in bit-ness.

Chicken, rice, onion, garlic, spinach, grape tomatoes, adobo seasoning, peanut butter, EVOO, soy sauce, sea salts, ground peppercorns, and jalapeno flakes (for my portion)...10 minutes later and voila! Twas delightful and would surely please Yao Ming.

And after the main course, I decided to conclude the night with a fresh fruit & veggie smoothie. 1 part strawberries, 1 part banana, 1 part grapes, 1 part spinach, 1 part ice, and just a titch of milk...grind to a colorful pulp, and I call it a Beijing Cuisine.

Hopeful in the year of the Ox...

Book Excerpt #4 - Conveniently Useful

So here's yet another excerpt from my book in progress. Please feel free to comment and let me know if this is worth the time and paper its printed one.

Conveniently Useful

A lot of the time I can feel pretty jaded and angry.

Maybe it’s in my genetics.

Maybe it’s in my environment.

I feel jaded toward how selfishly we all can act at times. And these days I find myself especially fed up with the church (small c).

I want to go on the record, first and foremost, saying that the Church can be a beautiful thing when practiced as Jesus taught. The Church can be a force to be reckoned with in our world.

However, too often the church (again, small c) is more concerned with its rules, theological differences, decorations and sanctuary color schemes, constitutions, worship styles, politics, and determining who’s in and out.

When I think of all of this, one verse in particular comes to mind…”Jesus wept.”

Think of all the time spent on these meaningless things when the world suffers from genocide, poverty, famine, injustice, plagues and sickness, terrorism, rape, exploitation, extinction of creation, the list goes on and on.

Perhaps the world suffers because we have yet to learn how to love as Jesus taught.

When is the last time you attended a church council or town hall meeting to discuss our need and mandate to address and work at solving these problems?

No idea? Me either.

So I suppose this is my ranting song to get these thoughts off my chest.

Please bear with me. defines Conveniently as: suitable or agreeable to the needs or purpose; well-suited with respect to facility or ease in use; favorable, easy, or comfortable for use.

Now imagine “Conveniently” as an adjective to describe a person.

Isn’t it negative?

Have you ever thought of “someone” as being convenient?

Someone that meets your needs sounds a lot like a slave, sounds like a person in bondage, sounds like a victim of sorts.

If you haven’t done it on purpose, I’d be willing to bet that you’ve done it on accident.

It’s the selfish thing we do to use people, things, and ideas to our benefit when we don’t have a true commitment or tie to that object. “Object” being the operative word, as something or someone that’s convenient; they lose all sense of humanity. It’s something I’m guilty of, and I think we all are at some point, whether it’s the church, God, our families, or our friends, we objectify that which we can use.

On a personal level, it’s the objectification of someone that I believe is most de-humanizing. It’s the objectification of the individual that makes lust and pornography so ugly. It’s using someone for one reason and one reason only. When a woman is sold into sex, she loses her humanity and sense of hope, because she is an object of convenience. She is used over and over and discarded when something better comes along. You use it, and you lose it.

It’s sad and disgusting.

And what’s the saddest about all of this is that I do it on a daily basis with my Creator.

Sometimes I trivialize God to a slot machine and away goes all of my reverence, love, and respect toward Him.

God then becomes the forgotten.

God becomes my slave, for my purpose, my gain, and my lust.

And today, there are thriving churches and pastors all over that preach a health and wealth gospel. Somehow and somewhere, the Good News has been diluted to no more than, “If you pray more and you tithe more, you’ll be happy and rich!” And I couldn’t disagree more with those messages.

That’s not what the Good News promises at all.

The Good News does say we can have peace and abundant life and freedom in Christ. But me praying more and more and throwing in a couple extra bucks in the offering plate on Sunday doesn’t grant me God’s favor over those that don’t. It’s an easy message for lazy churches, lazy pastors, and lazy people altogether – that God is only in the good times.

How about this? God is.

God is with us in everything – good, bad, ugly, devastating, boring, uplifting, and mundane.

God is present always!

I get it, it’s easy to know God and feel closeness in the toughest of times. When we have nothing else or no one else to run to, the obvious choice is God. We pray more than ever in these times. But what happens in our day-to-day rigmarole?

The day-to-day stuff is so often Godless.

Not on his part either.

We just forget to chase after him. We are selfish. We see about two inches in front of our faces and lose sight of the Good News that is Christ, His Kingdom, His presence always, His love and provision.

Thus, God becomes conveniently useful.

And once something better comes along, God is simply discarded. And what’s better is that God loves so purely that he’ll hear us and take us back again. So we can use and abuse God time and time and time again.

I do it all the time.

So here I wrote about it in a song, Conveniently Useful.

Remember the man
that seems to do no wrong
never walks the like that leads astray
perhaps he speaks a truth in words

Loved by few and feared by others
still some only saw hate
this man of 2000 years still speaks

But I only go to and sometimes listen

when he's conveniently useful

Cause what was done, was done long ago

Today a faith makes me feel weak
not thinking for myself
being educated means i'm not a child

Every now and then my ignorance fails
And I regress
Now safe and sound, regained by faith
By that man



Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend Video Funtimes



Thursday, January 22, 2009

The UNITED States

Hopefully you watched the inauguration this week. As I watched, I found myself feeling anxious, rejuvenated, and excitedly positive as the cameras panned past millions of onlookers.

The crowds were as diverse as I can remember at an inauguration. The parade was overwhelmingly supportive and positive. I loved watching President Obama and Michelle walk the streets, smiles from cheek to cheek. I loved the personability of his speech and gaffs with Justice Roberts. I loved the day!

One great thing i'm noticing with this administration and its relationship with the media, pundits, and commentators is a general feeling of positivity and hope.

Since the Regan era, there have always always been your conservative and liberal "haters." I mean real hatred emerged from the get go with these last several administrations (people absolutely had firey hatred toward the conservative values of Regan, the adultery and scandal of Clinton and "W's" failure of communication, the war, patriot act, etc); and i'm just not seeing that with President Obama. There are a handful of conservatives that are critical - but always respectful. It seems everyone wants America to succeed and isn't willing to hate President Obama, because we know the outcome of division.

And a critical eye is what I wish the media would do more of (see past posts about absolute power, etc.)

So...since CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR and the like are not exactly telling everyone, everything, today I'm going to raise some awareness.

Obama ran an AMAZING campaign that was able to reach across party lines, color barriers, social barriers, etc. He ran a campaign focused on Hope and Change.

He was not George W. Bush, and he was not Hillary Clinton. Those were his 2 primary rivals.

So, today nearly all of his cabinet has been filled, and I'm not seeing an abundance of change. This concerns me. If change was the focus of his election and that change is lost in the first week, I think a lot of his voters are going to be angry - that is, if the voters are even made aware of his selections.

Here's a list of his appointments that were also appointees in the Clinton Administration:

Eric Holder --- Attorney General ---- Justice Department
Rham Emanuel -- Chief of Staff -- Presidential Aide
Hillary Clinton --- Sec. of State ------ 1st Lady
Susan Rice ---- US Ambassador to UN --- National Security Council
Leon Panetta ---- Head of CIA ---- Chief of Staff
Larry Summers ---- Natl. Econ. Council ---- Treasury Secretary
Carol Browner ---- Energy Czar ---- Head of the EPA
Tom Vilsack --- Dept. of Agriculture ----- Campaign Natl. Co-chair
Peter Orszag ---- Office of Mgt. & Budget ---- Economic Advisor
John Podesta --- Head of Transition Team --- Chief of Staff

So what's my point...nothing other than making us all aware. You'll most likely never hear this from the mainstream media - because its not "change." But now you know.

I hope we can keep up the optimism we all experienced on Tuesday, but I hope its an honest optimism, and not one fabricated by the media.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Book Excerpt #3 - If I Could Paint the Way

If I Could Paint The Way

Stories of better times
Life lived unblind
Seems so far behind
Those better times

Always told I could change
But it’s more than me
To make the difference
For those better times

If I could paint
the way
I want
life to be
To paint the way

It ought to seem

Everything I wish

I could see

Am I too ill-conceived
Too filled w/ defeat
Am I able
Able to see

Riches and anger
Spending what’s better
Those better times sold
At a bitter price


I wrote this as a husband, and also as a reminder to never settle, and forget to date, dream, and be wild.

I think one of the most deadly things in the world, that strips our soul of its intent, that keep us in a constant state of stagnation, is comfortability.

Be honest, if you’re married, have you put on some weight? I have!


Because I got comfortable with the woman I once worked off 37 pounds in one summer to impress with a more appealing physique. (It’s okay, go ahead and laugh)

When was the last time you went “all out” in planning a date?

There was one date in college where I took Kate, blindfolded, from restaurant to restaurant. I even circled a bunch of times before really going to the next locale, just to confuse her more. Even Jack Bauer couldn’t have figured out where he was going. (Okay, Jack Bauer probably could have. My bad Jack.)

After we’d eaten hors dvours, a main course, and desserts, I played Kate a song I’d written for her, then took her back to my apartment. I had setup candles across the floor of the apartment balcony, and had a CD player waiting to accompany a late night of dancing.

Again blindfolded, I walked Kate up the steps to the balcony and we danced.

The night was beautiful, involved, planned, prepared; and I didn’t even propose!

My point is that I haven’t prepped a date like that, since that date. And that doesn’t set well with me.

It doesn’t set well that comfort makes us lazy. It doesn’t set well that comfort makes us forget our wild dreams and aspirations.

It doesn’t set well that comfort kills our futures. We redefine our one-time adventurous souls as content with job security, gated communities, SUV’s, a family dog, getting to bed before the news, and if we’re just real crazy, staying up late enough to catch the Top 10.

I wrote this song as a warning, as a charge to never get so comfortable that I lose my will to dream and be the man Kate fell in love with.

So what would you do if you could paint that way?

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Layout for 2009

So i've been tossing this idea around of a more regular blog schedule. Here's what i'm gonna' give a go (for at least a few months).

Mon/Tues - Original Piece & Dialogue (prose, poetry, song, etc.)

Wed/Thurs - Politics, News, Current Eventz (that's with a "z")

Fri/Sat - Video, Movie, Book, Music Shout-outs (what I think is great stuff anyway)

So that's that. Check it out. I'll give this a go starting tomorrow.

See you then!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Vids for the Weekend




have a fun weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"

Ok, lets get political...

Well, quasi-political, more news-critical.
CNN put out a poll after Obama was elected, asking if people felt that the media supported/reported more positively, Obama or McCain during the election process. The poll ended with Obama 74%, McCain 26%.

That wasn't surprising to me at all.

Between CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC, the polls would support my claim that "their" candidate won. Fox stands alone...obviously.

So what's the point of the blog?

First, its not to tear down Obama AT ALL. What it is however, is an attempt to say that "absolute power corrupts absolutely." Too much power is dangerous, and if the election process was any indication of the next 4-8 years, we'll be fooled, lied to, and pushed a direction that is of the major news syndicates leanings - and that is most deffinately to the left.
(if you're more left leaning, that's fine. but the news/media's job isn't to push an agenda, but to hold accountable and tell the truth of what goes on in DC. otherwise, isn't it state-run news??? that didn't go so well for russia, china, germany, venezuela, cuba, iraq, iran, lybia, syria, etc etc etc...)

So where are we now?

This past week, Obama tapped Geithner as the Treasury Secretary. Unfortunately, as the overseer of the IRS, Geithner had "forgotten" to pay his Social Security taxes from 2001-2004; over $34,000 in taxes. This should be an open and shut case in my opinion. The news should have been all over this. But instead, they're reporting it as a "hiccup," "an innocent mistake." Really...?
During his campaign, Obama promised to see an end to lobbyist appointments. However, William Lynn was tapped for Deputy Defense Secretary. William Lynn is one of the biggest defense lobbyists in the US. He's probably great for the job, but Obama promised not to be in the hand of lobbyists - that's what "W" did. I haven't heard anything from the media about this one.

NPR last week said that they "wanted Obama to be a great American President," and that it was their job "to make him that great American President." National Public Radio...that's a main source for information and "truth" in reporting for a ton of people, and it sounds like its their agenda to "make" Obama that great President.

I did hear the media come out against Obama's choice to lead his innagural prayer though. Apparently Rick Warren (pastor of Saddleback in CA) is too anti-gay, right-wing conservative, and radical for the likes of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc. Of course, Obama was never once asked about his Chicago pastor, Rev. Wright. If it wasn't for Hillary in the debates, you'd be left to the Sean Hannity's and Bill O'Riley's to cover that. But FOX isn't newsworthy.It seems when the mainstream news/media outlets criticize, its only against a more conservative agenda. Fair or not, that's where we're at as a country. And to top it all off, many of the larger news publications are now asking for bailout money. Is it possible to get a federal government bailout and NOT be beholden to that same federal government? I guess we'll see.

My skeptical of everything!

I'd rather the news organizations be critical of everything and write the truth, positive or negative. They should seek the truth, not a party or agenda. Otherwise, who can we trust?

That's it for now.



Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Did you catch last night's American Idol? I don't usually watch the show. Actually, before last night I've probably seen fewer than 30 min of the show in its 8 year span. Nevertheless, last night I watched in horror for about an hour.

I'm sitting on my couch thinking, "surely some of this is staged...these people can't really think they're good singers?!"

But I may just have been hopeful. I think some of them were really sincere in their critical disbelief.

So what's the issue here?

I'm of the belief that we were all uniquely created with a special talent - something that you can do exceedingly well, that no one else can do.

The problem I see in Idol, is individuals that have been generously lied to and told that their voices were great. Thus, thousands of 16-30 year olds get their hearts broken when the judges simply tell them the truth. For a decade or more, many of these so called singers waste time embracing a lie and miss out on countless opportunities for their truest potential and call.

That's my 2 cents...


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hope for Haiti

A couple months back I was fortunate enough to take a week long trip to Port Au Prince, Haiti. My eyes reeled with sorrow and disbelief at the ruin and hell that millions called home. And night after night, as I lay down to sleep on the roof of the orphanage, I was saddened by what seemed like an unending cycle of death and pity for this country.

This past week, Wyclef Jean was on 60 Minutes discussing his work in Haiti. A native Hatian that made it to America as a young boy to become an artist, writer, and activist; he's back in Haiti making a real difference.
Take a look at the state of Haiti and what's being done there:

Watch CBS Videos Online


Monday, January 12, 2009

Book Excerpt #2

Last week I gave you a quick look inside of the book I'm working on. Here's another excerpt. Please feel free to give feedback. Hope you enjoy!



You know I’ve never heard it’s easy

Can’t get ahead of the game

But who am I kiddin’

Who believes

We seek a reason for believing

Need to see the change

It’s the feel and touch, to feel loved that much

That makes me believe


There’s a chance to leave or stay

A chance to run away

I’d rather fall in your grace

Every day, every day

Doesn’t quite make sense

Never falls into place

But that’s the love I guess

Every day, every day


Seem’s so righteous with the reasons

Like life ain’t coming my way

Cause I sense the torment

And I feel the pain


There’s a chance to leave or stay

A chance to run away

I’d rather fall in your grace

Every day, every day

Doesn’t quite make sense

Never falls into place

But that’s the love I guess

Every day, every day

“Faith makes no sense.”

I’ve had so many conversations with skeptics that see faith as a crutch for the weak, the hurting, the oppressed.

I can’t totally argue against that. I know I’ve drifted away from an unwavering, solid faith, only to return in desperation (see Conveniently Useful).

But maybe the most common dispute I hear regarding faith, and the lack thereof, is its intangibility.

How can you believe in something you’ve never seen?

How can you trust in something or someone that isn’t audible?

Good questions.

Belief in something so intangible and requiring of faith might seem nutty, but I believe God is more tangible than you’d ever imagine. Its something you never knew was surrounding you and one day discover its been there all along. And I’m not just trying to sound churchy.

I often offer as a rebuttal to the faithless, the idea that when we live as we were created to live, God is nearer than you’d like most of the time. When we act as the hands and feet of Christ, God is present all of the time.

There’s no hiding.

There’s no escaping.

There’s no running away.

God just simply, is.

And all the while, I can deny God, curse God, run from God, learn to hate God because of his perceived and forgotten distance. But as I try, I’m reminded over and over of his love, provision, blessing, closeness, and grace.

Every day.

Perhaps its because of the circle of people I run around with, but I’m constantly reminded of who God is in a very tangible way as I see people stepping up to the plate in times and ways that are unexpected and unwarranted. I see God in the work of Martin, the director of the state’s largest homeless shelter. I see God in the raspy voice of Carol, the visionary and director of an orphanage in Haiti. I see God in the numerous volunteers that travel several days each week from the comforts of their suburban neighborhoods to do work, deliver bread, and care for the less fortunate in the inner city. I see God in the raw passion of a talented musician stepping to the microphone. I see God in the goodness of those sacrificing weekend after weekend to build a home for Habitat. I see God in the elderly couple that will never come to appreciate the things I appreciate, but make it their point to affirm me, and my work.

I see God.

Every day.

I’m reminded of God’s mercy and grace daily when I myself fail because I seek myself first, and idolize me, my wants, my pursuits, my desires. I’m reminded of God’s perfect love when Kate wakes up with Cora at 5AM and lets me sleep in a few extra hours. Now that’s love folks!

And I hope you don’t find these examples trivial, but when you consider the enormity of God potentially being every hand and foot, those little unnamed niceties truly embody God.

Sure, its easy to see God in Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, Rick Warren, but what about the non-celebrity Christ followers?

What about the regular dude?

And even if you can acknowledge God and his work in and around you, isn’t it still your prerogative to walk away and turn your back on Him? I suppose.

But that’s the love I guess.

Sure, I can walk away. I can turn my back on God. But even if I did, God’s love wouldn’t budge. And that’s the truly amazing thing about God.

Every day.

He loves me.




Thursday, January 8, 2009

Performing Songwriter Magazine (Jan/Feb 2009)

Here's the Performing Songwriter Magazine review of my newest album, The River Child...

Ross Christopher’s The River Child is a minimalist epic, lyrically and musically compact. Self-penned, recorded, engineered and produced, it’s a pure DIY effort.

Hailed for his electric violin prowess in live performance, Christopher is subdued, even when he trades extended guitar and violin solos—with himself—on “Blinded My Eyes (Wasting),” which borrows Dylan’s oft-quoted “Watchtower” minor progression. At turns vocally suggestive of Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk sans the trademark snarl, Christopher sings with a quiet intensity. Faith is a consistent thread as he reworks “Amazing Grace” with an altered melody line and later sings, “Release Him, let Him go” in “Barabbas,” appropriating both the Biblical prisoner’s persona and crowd’s words speaking of (and to) Christ prior to the crucifixion. —GMG


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fox News Sunday

I was driving the other day and heard a short segment of Fox News Sunday, hosted by Chris Wallace. They were discussing the Blagojevich scandal and kept using the phrase "under the taint." Ummm, how can that be right?

Here's a perfect example:


Monday, January 5, 2009

We Must Be Doing Something Right

About 45 minutes ago a guy came into our church to ask our facility director for some extra money to help pay his bus fare. Morris gave him a few bucks and the guy went on his way.

That's what we thought anyway...

Instead, he went upstairs into the sanctuary and stole the laptop that runs all of our multimedia.

Morris called the police and they came for descriptions and serial numbers.

We'll probably never see the laptop again. You know what, its $1000 and at the end of the day its not going to shut us down. We will still worship this week, with or without the use of multimedia. God will continue to pour out his love, and through us, hopefully we'll be something tangible to a person in need.

Crime sucks. Thievery sucks. So don't do it.

But I hope this guy, whoever he is and wherever he might be right now, learns to change his ways. Feels a little better from the bus fare we did give him. And if he is in such need, that his resorting to stealing is completely felt as necessary, I hope the lifting of the laptop gets him over the hump - enough so that he can stop.

All in all though, something tells me we must be doing something right. We're located in a place that says we can help, and there are people in need all around us.

I think I get fooled by the guise of being in "the suburbs," that poverty and need is somehow non-existent. Welp, today proved otherwise.

Tonight, pray for this guy.

That's all for now,

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Book Excerpts

Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but I've been working on a book for some time now.

It's actually more of a collection of my songs/poetry and the commentary and ideas behind them.

I thought it'd be fun to toss up a few pages here and there in the next few weeks and months. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Is it crap? Is it worth taking the next step and work at binding and publishing?

Currently it sits at about 100 pages.

So without any more rambling, here's the preface:


This book is not christian.

This book is not secular.

It is a book to find you where you are.

It is a book created out of release, desire, question, intimacy, torment, doubt, hypocrisy, travel, and remedy.

The intent of this book, or collection, or smattering of ideas (whatever you might call it) is to be restorative, thought provoking, and hopefully inspiring the artist within. You might read it and find it chaotic. If you don’t, you might want to get yourself checked out.

I wrote this and pieced it together in just that fashion.

Life is chaotic.

Relationships are chaotic.

Out of chaos, God created the universe. Jesus entered into our chaos to transform and submit a new way of living - a beautiful new way of life and possibility. Never are we asked for, or mandated, to create order as a pre-requisite for God’s entrance and work in and around us. Instead, I believe that in his perfect creative genius, God works out of chaos. And that brings us to how we integrate that idea of chaotic living. How do we survive something that lacks order? How can we understand anything if chaos is central to its being? How can there be anything finite?

It brings us to the debate of what it means to be human and fully alive - a new humanity.

Perhaps you’ve heard or even read about the notion of a new humanity. The humanity God intended us to truly live is real. When we cover up sin as “just being human,” we’re lying to ourselves and the intent God had in mind from that perfectly creative moment when God hovered over nothingness and breathed life into the vast expanse of what we now call the universe.

From this chaotic, divine moment, God began creating his new humanity. He separated dark from light, put land masses on the earth and surrounded it with water, which was also separated from the sky, filled the water and skies with birds and fish, put animals of all shapes and sizes on the dry ground, then began the real craziness when he created and called human “Adam and Eve.” From Adam and Eve came more kids, and from those kids, more kids, and here today, we have a world population counter adding and subtracting lives somewhere between 7 and 8 billion.

From two naked souls dropped into a beautiful garden in the middle east, we have upwards of 8 billion and counting today.

But, that’s what you get when you’re naked right?

With the notion of a new humanity you have to understand that being human was to also be like God. After all, Genesis says we were made in his image - creative beings with the capability to love as he does.

In no way am I attempting to de-throne God and his amazing greatness, but what I am trying to get us to at least discuss is the idea that when God said we were created in his image, he wasn’t lying.

Therefore we are all creative beings.

Just because you don’t play an instrument or don’t have canvases on easels strewn throughout your home doesn’t mean you’re not creative. Again, unless God is a liar, you are creative. And if you still refute this idea, I hope you’ll see differently once you’ve reached the end.

Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard any of these ideas. Please take in the following pages as a hopeful possibility for humanity in the present and future. A possibility for your friends and families, your local church, your community, and the person you share a cube with at work.

Now you know my frame of reference.

Hold on, things are about to get very chaotic!


Friday, January 2, 2009

New Show (for us anyway)

Call us lame, but this New Years Eve, Kate and I stayed at home and took advantage of the "watch instantly" function of Netflix.

No movies.
No documentaries.

We decided to watch the Showtime Original, Weeds.Welp, we're addicted now. Since Wednesday night around 10, we've watched both 1st and 2nd seasons. Pretty darn good.

Drug themed show about life struggles and human interaction. Great writing.

Do yourself a favor and check it out.



Just wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEARS!

-R, K, & C