Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Book Excerpt #3 - If I Could Paint the Way

If I Could Paint The Way

Stories of better times
Life lived unblind
Seems so far behind
Those better times

Always told I could change
But it’s more than me
To make the difference
For those better times

If I could paint
the way
I want
life to be
To paint the way

It ought to seem

Everything I wish

I could see

Am I too ill-conceived
Too filled w/ defeat
Am I able
Able to see

Riches and anger
Spending what’s better
Those better times sold
At a bitter price


I wrote this as a husband, and also as a reminder to never settle, and forget to date, dream, and be wild.

I think one of the most deadly things in the world, that strips our soul of its intent, that keep us in a constant state of stagnation, is comfortability.

Be honest, if you’re married, have you put on some weight? I have!


Because I got comfortable with the woman I once worked off 37 pounds in one summer to impress with a more appealing physique. (It’s okay, go ahead and laugh)

When was the last time you went “all out” in planning a date?

There was one date in college where I took Kate, blindfolded, from restaurant to restaurant. I even circled a bunch of times before really going to the next locale, just to confuse her more. Even Jack Bauer couldn’t have figured out where he was going. (Okay, Jack Bauer probably could have. My bad Jack.)

After we’d eaten hors dvours, a main course, and desserts, I played Kate a song I’d written for her, then took her back to my apartment. I had setup candles across the floor of the apartment balcony, and had a CD player waiting to accompany a late night of dancing.

Again blindfolded, I walked Kate up the steps to the balcony and we danced.

The night was beautiful, involved, planned, prepared; and I didn’t even propose!

My point is that I haven’t prepped a date like that, since that date. And that doesn’t set well with me.

It doesn’t set well that comfort makes us lazy. It doesn’t set well that comfort makes us forget our wild dreams and aspirations.

It doesn’t set well that comfort kills our futures. We redefine our one-time adventurous souls as content with job security, gated communities, SUV’s, a family dog, getting to bed before the news, and if we’re just real crazy, staying up late enough to catch the Top 10.

I wrote this song as a warning, as a charge to never get so comfortable that I lose my will to dream and be the man Kate fell in love with.

So what would you do if you could paint that way?

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Phil and Lacy said...

this is sweet. i didn't know that's what that song was about. phil and i talk about that all the time. really great stuff!