Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year

Tonight, in honor of the Chinese New Year, I decided to dish up some delicious Chinese-esque creations. After a couple minutes seeing what supplies I had, I was in bit-ness.

Chicken, rice, onion, garlic, spinach, grape tomatoes, adobo seasoning, peanut butter, EVOO, soy sauce, sea salts, ground peppercorns, and jalapeno flakes (for my portion)...10 minutes later and voila! Twas delightful and would surely please Yao Ming.

And after the main course, I decided to conclude the night with a fresh fruit & veggie smoothie. 1 part strawberries, 1 part banana, 1 part grapes, 1 part spinach, 1 part ice, and just a titch of milk...grind to a colorful pulp, and I call it a Beijing Cuisine.

Hopeful in the year of the Ox...


Brandon said...

thats great and awesome, but next time consider replacing the dessert (or adding before the dessert) a round of straight up spicy cooked all meat.

Phil and Lacy said...


i don't think that's a word.


Ross Christopher said...

tinge - to color with a slight shade or stain

titch - a small amount.

until you have your English degree, don't question my lexicon.