Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry {POST} Christmas!

A very very merry {post} Christmas to all of you!  I apologize for not posting as regularly of late, but things have been crazy busy...I was wrapping up a semester at Fuller, I released my new VEIL EP, not to mention all the added fun advent/Christmas stuff of the season!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I certainly did!

My girls (thanks to Kate's direction I'm sure) got me an amazing book of original art, drawn for various artists - ranging from Bon Iver to The Postal Service, Metric to Fleet Foxes, and Sufjan to The White Stripes.

Today the whole family trekked it through the intense {post} Christmas-traffic, bought 12 frames, and got the art up!

Until 2013...PEACE!

p.s. I leave you 2012 with 899 blog posts...we'll kick off 2013 strong at 900!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feeling Advent-ish?

There's nothing like 70 degree, early December days to get me in the mood for Advent...well, maybe not.

BUT, Christmas is my favorite time of year. Heck, I start looking for an excuse to play Christmas music once the leaves start changing colors.
Today though, lets talk about Advent.

This year I'm excited, because Cora and Olive are old enough to fully participate in the festivities. And since we kicked off Advent two Sunday's ago at church, I thought this might be timely.

So this year my Advent will look like this...

Reading the lectionary texts nightly as a family (slowly
walking through the Christmas story). Slowing down. More
nights in front of the fireplace. More singing. More drives
to see the "pitty lights." Cold nights out by the fire pit.
More time seeing friends. Giving. Reading. Writing.
More mistletoe with Kate. Creative cooking. Parties.
Hot apple cider. New Christmas Carol
arrangements. Better harmonies.
Decorating cookies. Love.

"His law is love and His gospel is peace"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Veil (the story)

VEIL is the title track on my new EP...and here's the story behind the song.

Sometimes you meet someone that breaks you perfectly.  This person not only breaks you, but they piece you back together in such a way, that you're actually better.  Kate is my someone.  She's shown me what grace can look like, what life and laughter are really about.  All of this is saving.  And it is good!

(c) 2012 Ross Christopher

Your smile's like a wrecking ball of grace / 
Like forty thousand pardons on my armchair to death /
You kiss my neck and split the veil / Again.

She saves me / She saved me / Again.

I breathe you in and I have life / 
And it is good / Again.

She saves me / She saved me / Again. 


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Landfill Harmonic

Sometimes you feel really creative...until you see something like this!  This is beautiful and transformative.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

There's A Sound (the story)

With the release of my new album, VEIL, I wanted to share with you each track + lyrics + a brief story (behind the lyrics).

Today, I'll share with you track #1, There's A Sound.

It's a song about stillness and solitude.  It's a song about the power of quiet.  Sometimes things can be loudest when the environment and distractions are completely still.  It's those experiences I've had, that led to me writing There's A Sound. 

{I hope you'll enjoy it, BUY IT, and spread the word!

There's A Sound
(c)2012 Ross Christopher

There's a sound for the quiet spaces
A sound for the broken places
A sound that is stillness
It shakes the ground

There it is
Way off in the distance
It's growing stronger
The beat's getting faster
There's a sound for the quiet spaces
A sound for the broken places
A sound that is stillness
It shakes the ground
 There it is
It's unexpected
It's reconnected
Like lines between the words
There's a sound for the quiet spaces
A sound for the broken places
A sound that is stillness
It shakes the ground

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New New New...

Hey folks,

I'm excited to announce a BRAND NEW ALBUM, VEIL!

Also, to accompany the new album, I have a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!