Monday, December 17, 2012

Veil (the story)

VEIL is the title track on my new EP...and here's the story behind the song.

Sometimes you meet someone that breaks you perfectly.  This person not only breaks you, but they piece you back together in such a way, that you're actually better.  Kate is my someone.  She's shown me what grace can look like, what life and laughter are really about.  All of this is saving.  And it is good!

(c) 2012 Ross Christopher

Your smile's like a wrecking ball of grace / 
Like forty thousand pardons on my armchair to death /
You kiss my neck and split the veil / Again.

She saves me / She saved me / Again.

I breathe you in and I have life / 
And it is good / Again.

She saves me / She saved me / Again. 


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