Saturday, May 3, 2008


Ok. I have a confession to make. Every now and then I get an aching desire for something. Every now and then I get into this groove and the only thing I can do to soothe it is to take the bait and indulge.

My confession is that every now and then I get a hankerin' for country music. It usually lasts 2-3 days, but I've been known on occasion to indulge my country fix for a week or more.

And so it was this past weekend...needless to say, my fix has been had.

One can only "check his or herself for ticks" so much. And enough is enough, no more honkey-tonk-badonk-a-donk...please! Mr Adkins, you are ridiculously lame for ever agreeing to perform that tune (regardless of its payout!)

So, to everyone...please forgive me,
Ross :-)

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