Friday, May 16, 2008

Questions/Comments...3 Legged Greyhound, Nightmares, & Baby Crows

Hey folks. Ross again. I have a few random questions/comments that have been burning in my mind this week.

#1 - There's a lady in our neighborhood that always walks her dogs. She has 2 greyhounds. But in her 2 dogs, there's only 7 legs. Sad i'm sure. One just hops right next to the other one. Can you imagine? You're supposed to be the fastest racing dog on the planet and you've got 3 legs. I-R-O-N-Y! But unlike horses, it wasn't euthanized. Poor Seabiscut of dogs with 3 legs...

#2- Kate and I were talking about Cora the other day and we happened onto the topic of Nightmares. When do they start? Why do they happen? Does Cora dream? Then I said, "what exactly is a nightmare?" Can we have "Daymares." I mean, I get the night part. It happens at night. But the "mare" part??? I don't think they're terryfing dreams of horse stampedes during the night...Any help defining a nightmare and why we call it that would be greatly appreciated.

#3- Anyone ever seen a baby crow? They're always big when I see them. Hmmmm...


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