Saturday, March 22, 2008

Craig's List & Jesus

First and foremost, this isn't a post designed to pump or build up Kate and I. Rather, its all about awareness!

If you're unfamiliar with Craig's List, it's a great website ( that allows individuals to post items for sale, classifieds, wanted items, etc. You're able to specify your search to your city or region. And in a matter of seconds you can be purchasing jet skis, homes, electric guitar amps, locating English as second language tutors, leasing hunting land, even renting property for metal detecting purposes (I chuckled at that one).

It's very broad and there's always new stuff. Oh yeah, and ITS FREE! So it's like a less flashy, super ebay, on crack. Anyway, today Kate and I we're looking for piece of used furniture and we decided to look at the WANTED section. At first it was mostly people looking for cheap acoustic guitars, chrome rims, maids services, etc. Then we found some posts that grabbed our attention. There were folks needing coupons for various items around town because budgets were tight. Immediately it tugged at our hearts.

We're called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. And today I think Jesus would be checking Craig's List to see felt needs throughout the community. So, if you've never visited, now you have a reason to.

Needless to say, it was amazing to hook up with a mom that needed some help and be able to serve in that way. We didn't have the coupons she was looking for, but we were able to leave her with some financial assistance - just a little, but that's all she needed.

It's easy to forget the need around us - especially in the burbs. But for us, the need was only minutes away and we might have never known had we not visited Craig's List today.


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Melissa said...

Thanks for this. What a great idea! I went and looked at our local wanted section on Craig's list and there was nothing that really fit like what you described. Welcome to mid-MO. But it was a great idea and still encouraged me to get looking for unique avenues around me to make a difference.

PS - I had lunch today with a UMR student that you might now as "Uncle Kris". :)