Thursday, November 19, 2009

Money Money Money Money...

Have you been affected by the financial meltdown?

Do you know anyone who has been?

Truth be told, even if your job is still intact and you own no stocks, you've still been affected by the joblessness and economic downturn.

But hasn't the recent news been uplifting? Every night the news outlets tell us that the recovery money is being allocated and distributed. New jobs are being created. All good right? ran this article this morning:

"hundreds of millions of stimulus dollars were spent in nonexistent congressional districts, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board said Wednesday.

The errors, first reported by ABC News, were seen on summary pages breaking down how many stimulus dollars were received in each state's congressional districts....

A report released Wednesday by the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity said it found such errors on pages for all 50 states, four territories and Washington, D.C. More than $6.4 billion in stimulus funds was shown as being spent -- and more than 28,420 jobs saved or created -- in 440 false districts, it said."


So, who do we trust? Heck, I had to scroll through CNN's website for a couple minutes before I noticed this. Why? If a company posted 6.4 billion dollars worth of fake income, it would be a top story that no one could miss. (I suppose I should be glad they ran it, but it seemed pretty hidden to me)

1 word. Integrity.

That's all. Discuss amongst yourselves (Mike Meyers style).


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