Monday, March 15, 2010

Book Excerpt #7 (Leadership)

Here's another quick look inside my book, Outsourcing God. This excerpt focuses on leadership (hints the title of today's blog). Enjoy!


For far too long, the lines between leadership and servanthood have stood between a cohesive working relationship. Unfortunately, both are necessary to successful leadership – not only in idea, but also in biblical foundation and mandate. We’ll begin with a biblical/historical view and call to leadership. From there we’ll compare styles and methodologies, and will finally move to concrete action points.

Our concepts regarding leadership have been altered from community to community, and culture to culture. And depending on which leadership guru you prescribe, you practice the one and only method of effective leadership. Whereas there may be comfort in such methods, you may be squelching the very essence that makes leadership work.

Because we’ve often made leadership an either/or person-type, we quickly outsource these roles and responsibilities to only a handful of the Kingdom-bearers. We miss opportunity after opportunity because of the way(s) culture have influenced our decisions and the way we gravitate towards certain people with certain qualities, while neglecting others that contribute greatly to the overall body.

We condition our individual roles from birth and before we realize it, our paths have been chosen. But it doesn’t have to remain like that!

© 2010 Ross Christopher Donaldson. Outsourcing God.


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Anonymous said...

Thinking on the leaders I am (and have been) drawn to--MANY similar traits and characteristics. Wifey is drawn to a different type...never thought of it this way. Curious what the book has to offer in analyzing this from a biblical perspective.