Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chicago Insurrection REcap

On Thursday I had the opportunity to experience Peter Rollins', Insurrection pub tour in Chicago. Peter Rollins is an amazing mind and provocateur for living faith. Some call him a heretic, some a hero. I think Peter would hope to be the guy that gets the conversation started. That's how I see him anyway.

He has balls, because he takes on the blogosphere, the evangelical right, the way things have been done, "because that's the way we've always done it." He speaks his heart and truth.

Peter is raw as he delivers lines like, "cry aloud, God can handle it...," "to believe is human, to doubt, divine" (showing us that as Christ hung dying on the cross, he doubts God "why have you forsaken me?!" and that in our moments of greatest doubt, perhaps we resemble Christ the most...), and implores us to stop making "church" a domesticated hour-long session to make us all tingly inside.

Spoken in a thick Irish accent, Peter says, "I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST..." And as the room comes to a screeching halt, he finishes..."because I passed the homeless on my way to the pub and did nothing; because I have not fought for justice; because I pursue self."


Can we truly believe in the Resurrection of Jesus and ignore the implications of that Resurrection?

Peter articulates words versus action perfectly.

I hope he continues his pub tour later in the year. More people need to hear his words and wrestle with the Word. I'll do all I can to bring the crew to St. Louis. So if you're within a 4 hr drive, its worth the road trip!


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