Friday, June 18, 2010

Adventure Tales from an Out-of-Shape Enthusiast (Part 3)

This is the final chapter of the Adventure Tales from yours truly, the out-of-shape enthusiast.

I'll wrap up the last few days into this post...on we go!

The story of the entire trip, I believe, was snow. The snow was intense and really shaped the overall outcome of the trip. It forced us to re-route, it wore us out quicker, and it really added to the adventure.

We improvised and survived - Bear Grylls would be proud!

As we finally descended from the deep woods and departed from Rocky Mountain National Park, we exited on the Grand Lake side and rented a boat for the afternoon. (Grand Lake is the highest natural lake in the US - and BEAUTIFUL!!!)

We grabbed a campsite that night at the Longs Peak TH and finally enjoyed a campfire, non-river water, and meat...aahhh, yes, meat. We grilled some chicken to go along with left over backpacking food.

The trip lent us sights we'd never have seen, had we not taken on the elements. We saw 3 moose, hundreds of elk, mule deer, a marmot, and a porcupine.

1 week later, we eagerly picked up our girls and bathed.

You know what happens when I wear 1 outfit, exert myself on the trail, and go sans-shower for a week? I create some corn-chippy-tang-infused-toxic odor that burns the nostrils and stings the eyes. Luckily, all of that went down the drain.

What a week! What a week...

Thanks for reading...I hope its been fun.


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