Monday, September 12, 2011

Random Songwriting Thought...

I had this random idea/experiment the other day. What would be the outcome of raising a child without exposing him/her to any music, then at some point introducing them to a bunch of instruments and encouraging them to write and compose?

Because so much of what we write now is influenced by hundreds of years and thousands of artists, we are basically re-working others' works. So then, would the virgin ears produce truly new and unique music, or would we see melodies created that sound like songs we've already heard? Wouldn't it be plausable that some songs are inevitable? Could it be that some works of art, that we all know and love, and have made them almost parts of our DNA, were predestined from creation?

Anyway, I thought that would be an interesting discussion...


p.s. I would NEVER deny a child music.

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