Monday, February 4, 2013

A User-Generated Story.

Last night I sat down on my couch, in front of my TV, and devoured a week's worth of calories (thanks to the good folks at Rotel, Velveeta, and Oreo), while watching the Super Bowl.  Like many, I'm as excited to see the new and creative commercials, as I am to watch the game.  And this year I noticed something over and over again...

This year there seemed to be an abundance of user-generated content.  Everything from pictures to video to narration, the users seemed to be in the diver's seat.  And I believe this says something about our culture and younger generations.  We want (scratch that)...we NEED to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  And what's bigger than the Super Bowl?  We want to engage and interact, and tell our story, and be part of a grander story, and really make a difference in this world.

So what's my take away?

In your respective communities, focus on the ways you can become increasingly user-generated!  Top-down leadership structures are fading, and communities of passionate individuals are oozing with potential.


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