Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Last year on tour with Sleeping at Last and Jars of Clay, I was impressed with the kick drum sounds Dan Haseltine (lead singer of JOC) was getting from a small pedal at his feet.  After some conversations and research, I found a new toy in the arsenal that sounds HUGE and AMAZING!

Footbass...its a small metal box (which I covered with a felt top to muddle the sound a bit), that uses a 1/4 inch cable output to create a perfect kick drum sound. 

As a solo artist, I was looking for ways to make my live show bigger, and this has been a great tool!

I run my footbass into a DI box and ask the sound tech to mix it just how he would a punchy kick drum.  I cannot tell you how many times other musicians come up after shows, asking me how I created such huge kick drum sounds..."am I using a trigger?," "is it a midi pedal?," "am I playing to a track?"  The answer is "footbass."

Check out their website, drop the $99, and have fun making your sound HUGE!


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