Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SiloTREE Studio {REDUX}

Many of you know that on top of songwriting and touring, I also manage, produce records, and write/record string arrangements from my studio (SiloTREE Studio) in St. Louis.  Last week I added a new studio page to my website highlighting some recent arrangements, as well as studio information.

The internet has certainly made the world flat...I have been blessed to work with a number of artists (some of which I've never met in person), and I believe that the world is becoming more creative and beautiful from these types of partnerships, collaborations, and works.

Bottom line, if you're in need of a professional, comfortable, and creative studio to record your next album or EP at, contact me.  If you're interested in adding strings to one of your songs or albums, I do that too!

Simply send me a WAV file of your tune, I'll record an arrangement, and we bounce files back and forth until you've got a beautiful piece of art.  It really is that simple!

**and if you refer an artist or band to the studio that results in a project, I'll send you $50!!!


"Ross came out with me on tour last fall. He’s such a talented musician and as I was writing the strings for these two songs, I knew he’d be the guy to bring them to life! Couldn’t be more pleased with how it all turned out!"  -Sleeping at Last

SiloTREE Studio is a comfortable and creative recording studio in St. Louis, MO.  Ross Christopher has produced over 40 artists/bands to date.  Ross Christopher also writes and records string arrangements for artists/bands - adding the perfect touch of beauty to a number of albums.

Prices are competitive.  Ross charges by the song and arrangement (versus by the hour), allowing for more creative expression and excellence.

Prices are competitive.  Turn-around is quick! Ross charges by the type of arrangement (ranging from solo instrument to full orchestral arrangement). 

*If you are interested in recording with Ross Christopher at SiloTREE Studio OR hiring Ross for an upcoming string arrangement, please send him an email via the CONTACT PAGE, or call the studio (816)686-1345.


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