Wednesday, December 19, 2007

feet need shoes

so i know the subject line is pretty anti-specific. its also a no-brainer. heck, have you ever run out real quick to grab the paper or the mail w/out your shoes and you just barely stub a toe or step on a piece of gravel. WOW that sucks! and imagine that for entire cultures.

i know i'm probably making it way more trivial than it actually is, but as a 'shoe wearer,' a 'shoe critic,' a 'shoe fiend,' i tell you today that they are in fact important.

what's more important though is ones cause and ones passion. i read about a designer with a drive and passion to put shoes on those without. blake, the shoe artists - that's what i'm gonna call him...a shoe artist...or how about a shoe barista? no good? oh well. anyway, blake, the shoe artist took his talent (shoes and design) and mingled it with his passion - destroying poverty in the third world. given some time and organization, up pops TOMS SHOES! check them out! theres a link on our main page. buy a pair, gift a dozen pairs (that's 24 shoes), even gift a dozen pears (a great tasting fruit).

when you purchase TOMS SHOES, you not only get a cool piece of art to wear on your feet, but you also just purchased a pair that goes to the third world. nice!

and as the world gets bigger and suddenly becomes flatter and we can all effect a positive change ANYWHERE!

thank you blake, the shoe artist...


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