Sunday, December 23, 2007

what I found in my christmas stocking...

so ross and i opened our christmas presents last nite. yes, i know it is a bit early but considering i asked ross if we could open presents about 2 weeks ago, 3 days before christmas is pretty good.

anyway... so in my stocking is a FEED bag from Tom's Shoes. Yes, I know, from first read it seems as if Tom's Shoes might only sell shoes but in fact they sell other items as well. one of their newest is the FEED bag. this is what Tom's website has to say about the bag:

The FEED bag is designed to raise awareness and funds for hungry children and to help them get into school and out of hunger. Each FEED bag sold will provide a school year of meals for one child in need and give them the hope of an education and a regular meal. Whether you tote your FEED bag to school, work, play, or shop, remember that your bag helped to FEED and educate one child for one school year.

i was so excited to find this bag in my stocking! just last week i had told ross that i wanted to buy a bag/basket for grocery shopping because it kills me to take home 18 million plastic bags each time we go to the grocery store. so to my surprise i got my grocery bag, but this one is a bonus because with it a child will have food. hunger kills more children worldwide than HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB combined; plus hunger and malnutrition are a significant contributor to the deaths that do occur to those affected by HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB. The impact of malnutrition on disease is incredible- disease cannot be eliminated with treatment alone, hunger and malnutrition must also be addressed to make an impact. so there ya go...

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Melissa said...

That is a cool bag! I have thought about getting a pair of TOMS but want to test them for comfort first. The bag is really cool though. I bought some bags I use for shopping through Reusuable Bags. They have some cool items.

Love the blog! Keep informing us of some great options!

And we are praying for all THREE of you as you look forward to Cora joining the family.