Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grace begets Grace (it should anyway)

I'm calling for a season of GRACE.

GRACE extended to everyone. People in need, people not in need, people of every age, race, gender - you name it, GRACE should be at hand.


What's going on in Washington D.C. is nuts. On one hand you have corporate executives failing at their jobs; producing products that don't sell, can't compete in free markets, lend to risky individuals, and in turn have collapsed a system that is spiraling out of control. On the other hand, you have the media screaming that "the sky is falling!" Possibly. Probably not.

Nonetheless, their voice is loud and people are scared.

So what does Washington do?

Washington writes HUGE checks labeled "bailout" and our fears are all supposed to be quelled. Banks were given billions - that's with a "b." They were given billions to in turn lend to builders, buyers, manufacturers, importers and exporters, on and on and on. They were given the task to help UN-freeze the credit market. In essence, to extend GRACE.

But each day the DOW continues to fall and fall and fall and fall and fall and fall...

These folks not only NOT un-freezing loans, they are using this government "bailout" to recoup their own resources, failures, and the like. No GRACE.

I don't like the direction D.C. took this whole thing. But in the end what they did was extend some real GRACE to help cover our rears and HOPEFULLY stop the media-supported (if not created) crumble of America.

GRACE should beget GRACE.

Maybe I'm giving D.C. way too much credit, but is it possible we could all learn from this season of generous printing of money and loan taking from China and the like? Its by no means ideal, but maybe we could turn a crappy situation into a time of Jubilee (see the Jewish tradition of Jubilee).

Not sure how to close other than persuading you to extend grace whenever you can. When you are shown grace, give thanks. Lets turn our chins up and make this a time of Jubilee!

Grace & Peace,

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