Monday, October 11, 2010

Contingent on Love

A few months back I wrapped up a big record producing project with Brendan Bradley (singer/songwriter from St. Louis). It was a 15 track album that we recorded in my studio for nearly 8 months. It was a truly great process. Brendan has some real talent and I think the record does a fantastic job showcasing it.

The record started very acoustic-pop and ended a very natural, organic, acoustic-pop album. As soon as we finished recording and were happy with the mixes, we headed down to Ardent Studios in Memphis for mastering...and voila, the project was done!

Brendan has finished the artwork and other final touches; its back from mass-duplication, and ready for distribution. This coming Saturday night (Oct 16th), Brendan and I will be performing at his CD RELEASE CONCERT. The show will be at The Gramaphone in St. Louis. Music starts at 7:30PM...

Come out to the show and get your copy. If you can't make it, drop by his website and pickup a copy!


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