Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Projects & French Toast

This past year has been studio project after studio project. I have absolutely LOVED each and every one; working with artists to create fresh music that is pushing each of their limits respectively, and making really beautiful and thoughtful art.

I have learned a TON about the recording process and how to create and manipulate the sounds I hear in my head (i'm not totally nuts). Each record has increased in artistry and I can honestly say that each one I have wrapped, I have been able to say it was the best studio work i've done to date.

It's honed my playing skills (i did most of the instrumental and programming work), engineering and mixing abilities, but most of all my listening. 'Twas a fun fun year and I'm humbled to have been able to work with everyone!

Here they are in order...

ALSO...Cora asked me last night for french toast. Here's what was waiting for her this morning when she woke up.

She was a bit overwhelmed.


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