Tuesday, May 10, 2011


There's a tendency to always want things the way they were, "back in the good ole' days." Its the way we are with music, movies, decor/clothing styles, the way(s) we worship, the cars we drive, the politics of the day, etc.

Or maybe you want things preserved as they are right now in the present. My 2 little girls are healthy, innocent, and cute, but are growing up very fast right before my eyes.

Cora got a "big-girl" bike yesterday (w/ training wheels), and already is tooling around the neighborhood. I'm not ready for that! I'm not ready for kindergarten, crushes, college, and weddings. But that's quickly approaching...

Thus, my preservation ideals set in and I do everything in my power to keep things "as is." But alas, the future is inevitable. (and I'm just not that powerful)

The future is amazingly liberating, as well as scary. It is the unknown, the un-chartered, the paradoxical. There's hope in the future. Its a clean slate.

But the future lacks original 90's music, John Hughes comedies, the best SNL cast, my little girlies riding bikes and learning to talk.

So what do we do?

Soak up today.
Remember and give thanks for yesterday.
And be hopeful and legendary tomorrow!

The future is already here, so it might as well be embraced and dream(t)!


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