Saturday, July 16, 2011

An Evangelical Social Gospel?

I'm reading an excellent book right now, written by my first record producer, Tim Suttle. Tim's an awesome and transparent guy from Kansas that I was fortunate enough to work with back in 2001 on an album, Waiting for the Sun.

His book is very much an outpouring of who Tim is. Its titled, An Evangelical Social Gospel?

He discusses the rampant individualized faith of Western (American) Christianity, and how it distorts much of what the Gospel is.

He writes: "the story of individualism is not synonymous with the story of Christianity. When the story of individualism and the story of God are conflated, the gospel ceases to be good news to everyone...In fact individualism distorts the gospel and renders it powerless in many situations...It concerns our real and present spiritual, physical, and social slavery to all kinds of things. It is not merely about the sweet by and by, but also the here and now."

The book is important. Pick it up and be challenged. Thanks Tim!

Happy reading,

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