Tuesday, May 8, 2012


If you've been a reader of the blog for a while, you'll know I frequently discuss leadership, vision, creativity, etc.  Today I felt it necessary to discuss 2 vital leadership components: VISION & FUTURE.

Future and vision, I believe, are the 2 most important factors in leadership.  Understanding these and making them the drivers of everything else deemed "leadership," will create an organization, business, etc that is vision focused, rather than management focused.

When a group or organization is driven by vision, it affects everything and is usually looking to create something for the future.  Vision is seldom worried about what happened yesterday, or how your past failures are affecting you today. 

From personal experience, I build vision that attempts to create culture.  By that, I mean if I see something lacking in a given community, I want to create something to fill the void.  When I dream something beautiful, I want to make it an experience for culture, so that the future is brighter by it.  But whatever that "something" is, that is my vision, it's partnered with a future thought of how its moving people, the organization, and/or culture.

Conversely, if you run your business or organization by pure management, you'll find yourself managing a response (both positive and negative).  You'll manage opinions until you're riddled with ulcers, trying to please people.  And being a purely response-driven group or organization doesn't create vision.  It manages expectations, and executes based on the feelings of any given day, survey, or angry/pleased email(s) that hits the in box.  It does get things accomplished - sometimes with laser like precision.  But I'm always more interested in vision.  The future is most interested in vision.

Vision will always drive management.
Management will never drive vision.

So make sure that the vision you're creating is future-thinking, and don't fall into the easy trap of simply managing people, tasks, and ideas.


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