Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend in Photographs

It's Monday morning, and I'm tired from a very long and busy weekend.  Last week we found out both of our vehicles were totaled in the last hail storm that came through St. Louis, so I spent a decent time test driving new cars (leaning towards a new Honda Fit).  Saturday was the opening for the Tower Grove Farmers Market, which is one of our family's favorite outings - lots of great farm-fresh foods plus the girls get to play in the fountains. 

I played a Cinco De Mayo music festival from for 4 hours Saturday night.  It was hot and nasty, but a HUGE THANKS to the 2000+ folks that came out for a fun time!  Yesterday after AWAKEN I took a group of guys paintballing - tons 'o fun!  Then to our surprise, our good friends from Maine brought us back 6 live lobsters for a VERY impromptu lobster boil - yum!


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