Friday, January 25, 2008

Love, War, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman

its been weeks of emotions, thoughts, and contemplations since i last posted. and well, i'm a new dad. i think i'm looking at the world a little differently now. and as i take in what my little mind can, i find myself focused on the middle east, africa, the presidential primaries, and fatherhood in the tumultuous times here and ahead. oh yeah, i'm also getting very little sleep.

coffee is good!

i always bounce my ideas off of kate regarding the noted subjects. sometimes it leads us to agreement, other times debate. but we always end thinking more and deeper about ourselves and our response to the tough topics and decisions of our day.

you can't pass cnn or fox news without being inundated by the smear campaigns of both parties. "barak worked with slum lords," "hillary is a racist," "mccain-feingold," huckabee really is a racist, and mitt's name is mitt...those last 2 were my own commentaries.

we hear them debate the economy and health care and the war in iraq. each promising change but no one actually giving any details.

and then to contrast these heavy hitters, kate and i get a break and go see CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR. if you haven't already seen it, you should. i'm a huge hanks and roberts fan, but the movie was owned by hoffman!

my opinion: hoffman is one of the greatest actors of this era! everything he does is golden. not every movie...but his acting always shines. from CHARLIE WILSON to CAPOTE to ALMOST FAMOUS to TWISTER (and yes he was actually in twister), he out performs everyone else.

seeing this movie shed a comical light on the history of our current situation in iraq and afghanistan. it should be no surprise to learn that in the past we fought for the here and now and cared not about the future implications.

check the movie out. but until then, here's some more poetic quandaries/commentary on the subject...enjoy and we'll chat again soon:

"love coup"
by ross christopher donaldson

because our here and now
protect or die minds
wind up drenched in the blood
of the war we didn't see

we say

could we please fight another fight
and kill another life
just to do it all again
and find we've died inside

maybe i'm a decade or two late
but the rage is overdue
and we end up drenched in the blood
from the past friends of fight

could we please fight another fight
and kill another life
just to do it all again
and find we've died inside

then we figure it out and all goes quiet
because we've killed everyone and everything -
the different ideas and colors and lands
so we dream of the change that could have been

and we wish for a love coup