Monday, January 7, 2008

why qt is the best ever...

kate and i tend to write only about things that are really close to our hearts. well...this is no exception.

be it resolved that qt is the best ever:
first of all, if you're not from the midwest (primarily missouri), then you may not know what i mean by qt. qt is a gas station. scratch that. qt is a convenience store. scratch that too. qt is a restaurant that happens to have gas and other products commonly seen in convenience stores.

behind the counters of a qt are always smiling faces of two or three employees. and i believe that they smile because they're proud of the services that they can grant. on any given day - and by that i mean four to five days each week, i can walk into a local qt and pick up a quarter pound hot dog. the quarter pound hot dog is actually the meal that led me to fall in love with qt. a warm bun gently toasted in a plastic container, moistened with condensation from nearly boiling water accompanied with your choice of regular and specialty mustards, regular and jalapeño relish, and soirée of additional sauces to make the taste buds dance completes the entree.

but alas, the meal is not over. no, no my dear friends, the adventure has just begun.

qt serves delicious spicy beef and spicy chicken taquito's. i used to be a beef man, but thanks to my best friend and culinary guru, brandon, i have seen the light. the spicy chicken taquito, wrapped in a hard corn tortilla is a force to be reckoned with.

in recent months qt has introduced corn dogs, egg rolls, and mozzerella-filled bread sticks to the menu. i will speak only of what i know. i know the mozzerella-filled bread sticks to be a true delight. crisp breaded cheese. can you ask for more?

i think you can.

once you engorge yourself its only appropriate and necessary to wash everything down with a delicious beverage. i go back and forth between the 32 ounce diet mt. dew and the rooster booster light (for that quick pick-me-up).

so after a taquito or two (two is preferable), one mozzerella-filled bread stick, a hot dog topped with all the appropriate accoutrement, and a caffeine charged beverage, what completes the meal out better than a glazed donut or chocolate long john? nothing.

its six dollars of pure genius. its a meal fit for the gods.

so next time you pass the beautiful red, black and white sign. allow yourself to be beckoned and follow your heart inside where your life will never be the same.


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Lacy Adair said...

haha you're nasty. phil and i went to qt and got hot dogs last night!