Saturday, January 5, 2008

mission, direction, focus - JUST DO SOMETHING!

Its a new year and I just wanted to take this opportunity to talk about how blessed we are: Ever watch the news and feel overwhelmed? Darfur…check, AIDS pandemic…check, extreme poverty…check, war-torn displacement…check; the list goes on and on. All the while, my list of "complaints" and/or "unfairness" looks more like long lines at Target, not getting my Netflix as soon as I'd have liked, and rush hour (the traffic cluster, not the Jackie Chan movie). So I ask myself, what in the world can I do? It all seems too huge to really make a difference. I ask myself what really gets me fired up, what do I think is intrinsically wrong…and I arrive at my conclusion that I have been blessed and it is my opportunity to indeed make a difference for these that are marginalized, the forgotten, the social write-offs. I would even go so far to say that if we can name what's wrong with the world, and we do nothing to remedy it, we will lack peace, and we actually further the problem(s). I heard a great quote, "God did not create poverty, rather, man has not yet learned to truly love." So substitute "poverty" with whatever your "it" is and do something about it. Don't feel like YOU have to solve all of the world's problems, but if we all did our parts, imagine what could be done. We really do have it pretty good.

Think GLOBAL...Act LOCAL...



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