Monday, October 13, 2008

CD Release Tour...DAY 01

Tour. Day numero uno.

Currently I'm sitting in back as we're cruising along I-70 at 77 mph. We took off out of KC this morning at about 6AM, stopped at a truckstop in Salina, KS for a delicious breakfast feast - $3.99 (2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, hashbrowns, 2 pieces of sourdough toast, and a coffee). The gods shall be pleased!

Now, passing through Quinter, KS I swear I can begin to see the faint outline of the mountains ahead. But Kate says I'm full of it. She is a nay-sayer.

We arrived in Frisco, CO tonight just in time for happy hour at the Dillon Dam Brewery. Had a drink and shared split a Mediterranean quesadilla. It was all goot!

After that we headed out to Breckenridge to hit up one of our favorite coffee shops; Clints. After we caffinated ourselves we headed back to the hotel in Frisco and now were settling in for some Chris Rock on HBO. I'm pooped from driving - how can sitting in a car all day make you so tired???

Last point I'd like to make for today's honor of Columbus Day, try and pillage something - or at least use the word in a sentence.

Good luck and we'll post again tomorrow from Boulder, Colorado.

Ross, Kate, & Cora


Brandon said...

kate, you are living a reverse seinfeld episode, where elane is dating the guy who shaves his head, but then stops shaving it, only to realize he has been going bald over the past 7 years. What am I trying to say? Ross, your beard is looking FABULOUS!!!

Phil and Lacy said...

awww so cute!