Thursday, October 16, 2008

CD Release Tour...DAY 03

Tour. Day numero tres.
Currently I'm feeling some serious altitude sickness - nausea, sore, tired, blah. But the show must go on, ya know. So I'm sitting in the green room at Bender's in Denver. Its a sweet venue and it'll be fun playing with Kyle Gallenal and Dore Taylor.

Today we did some scenic driving up Boreas Pass just behind Breckenridge. It was breath taking...but that was just the altitude sickness. After that we ate on Dillon Lake and enjoyed our time there. Colorado is perfect.
The venue tonight has a bar side with a small stage and a venue side where I'm playing. Denver Joe is playing some honkey tonk over there and he is quite a "doobious" character; a 70 year old doobious character!
I suppose I'll sign off. I'm about 70 pages into the new Rob Bell book and I want to get back to that.


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Midwest Nest said...

You should sell that picture to Gap! Of course, I may be a little bias.