Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tour Summation

sorry i didn't post the last couple days of the tour. it was crazy busy, but it was fun all around! in KC, i was able to rock out with justin on drums (that was fun and has been WAY TOO LONG!), and josh came up and rocked out on 'blinded my eyes'. very nice (borat style).

the grace university gang was accommodating and great....devon proved to be an off-shoot of mcguyver. locked out of the sound board and power amps, we dismantled the unit using a screwdriver and the leg of a chair...

my beard is experiencing too much growth...never have i had so much that i see it (in its flowing goodness) in the periphery of my vision. its outa' control folks.

ok, i'm tired and i need some exercise out of my honda. i leave for haiti on sunday.

until then,

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