Thursday, August 20, 2009

help people see

I think a lot of effort is spent by Christians in trying to win debates, prove fact, and disprove anything that brings about doubt. Maybe there's a place for that. Maybe not.

Though i've learned throughout the years, that perhaps our efforts have become too programmed, to results based, too project oriented. i.e....befriending someone with the sole purpose of conversion. I'm pretty sure that's not authentic friendship...

I'm learning that instead of me forcing people to see God, maybe its my job to point them in the direction that leads to an understanding that God is what allows them to see in the first place. Perhaps my job is to help focus what's ALWAYS been - maybe it's just been blurry all these years.

Its not as if God has just now revealed himself. He's been revealing huge pictures and little snippets, everyday since creation. Sometime we see it. Lots of the time we're not even looking.

But maybe we're just here to help people see...


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