Friday, August 28, 2009

NYC Tour - Day 01

Yesterday afternoon we rolled into NYC after much driving through Il, In, Oh, Pa, and Wv. My personal opinion, Illinois and Indiana need a new crop of choice - bland, PLUS a carb-overload!

But once we got checked into the hotel, we headed into the city by foot to enjoy some amazing Thai food, people watch, and happened to score some free tickets to the Sage Theatre Comedy Club. Hannibal Burris was 1 of 5 comics that performed and he was brilliant! Perfect understanding of delivery and breath. I don't think I could ever do stand up. True talent!

After the late night show and all the driving, we were pooped and needed some rest.

More to post later...


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Jeanie Girl said...

envy, envy--we love NYC!! Prayers for you as you concertize! May THE FORCE be with you! God bless. jeanie mcgowan, fbc jeff city