Friday, August 28, 2009

NYC Tour - Day 02

Today was quite eventful. Rainy. But eventful.

I woke up around 11, which was nice to sleep in. I don't think i've slept that late in about 2 years actually. So after I got up and out, I departed from the Holiday Inn for the city.

The first item on the itinerary was get some grub.

After that, Brandon and I took in the city. There's something about a big city and the rain, and all of the smells that it brings out.

Tonight was my first show (of 3) in the city. Tonights gig was at The Sidewalk. Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, Patti Smith, Regina Spektor all got their starts at this place. Great atmosphere, vibe, supporters!

They had a great downstairs green room - with a bike. That's a first.

Then it was time to take stage. The crowd really got into it. Great night of musical art!

Tomorrow I'll be at Kenny's Castaway. Come out for the show!


p.s. BRANDON SCHULTZ - owner, artist, dreamer of BRSPhotography is on this tour doing all of the amazing photo work. THANKS BRANDON!!!

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