Sunday, September 6, 2009

just the 3 of us (feet in the sand)

This has been a crazy couple weeks of concerts, hotels, and travel!

First NYC, and this past weekend in Chicago. This time, I was able to take the whole fam - our last mini-vacation (just the 3 of us).

We set out early friday and got into the city early in the afternoon. It was Cora's first time to a beach, to a large body of water - basically a non-pool. 'Twas fun watching her explore the sand between her toes and in her mouth. She ran right into the water without any hesitation. She's so brave!While on the beach, feet in the sand - looking out to where nothing separates the water from the sky, I had one of those moments where it could have been just as easy to feel like some pointless cog in the vast expanse of creation, but instead felt greater purpose, passion, urgency, and direction amidst the beauty. With each wave crashing into the earth, and watching Cora work the sand like an artists easel, I knew I was doing what I needed to be doing - creating and helping others see their creative potentials.

So today, back in STL, it was great to share this with the church - working, serving, living with a purpose.

Moments like these don't happen all the time. But when they do, hang on to them for as long as possible. And share them - otherwise, you're just being selfish.


p.s. here's some great eatery in Chi-town...(i approve and recommend!)

Molly's Cupcakes (put me in a SERIOUS SUGAR COMA)
Gino's East (great chicago style pizza - thick and cheeesy)
Potbelly Sandwich Works (great hot pepper blend)

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