Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NYC Recap

Aaahhhhh, i'm home!

Don't get me wrong, NYC was great. The venues were fantastic, catching up with old friends, eating some great food, meeting some new fans, taking in the hustle of the city - all very good. But its good to be home.

I missed my girls quite a lot!

Highlights of the tour included:

1. free comedy club tix & Hannibal Burres (hilarious comic) hannibalhannibal.com
2. Thai, Chinese, PIZZA, COFFEE
3. beautimus weather!
4. having an amazing photographer capture the whole trip (BRSphotography.com)
5. Adam Carolla Podcasts

Lowlights of the tour included:

1. traffic
2. parking
3. tolls
4. $115 parking ticket
5. Illinois & Indiana (too much corn)


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