Monday, February 8, 2010

In Conclusion (the weekend mini-tour)

Saturday night I performed at The Verve in Terre Haute, IN. But before I left Chicago, there were still a couple things I wanted to do:

#1, grab a pizza from Giordano's...O-MAZING pizza!!! I think the pic does a little justice...(if i could only make my blog scratch & sniff)

#2, swing by IKEA and pick up some stuff for the new house. 3 hours later, I had indulged as much as I could, I succumbed to the gods of consumerism, and left broke.

My GPS took me to Terre Haute in an interesting fashion. I think it took the "crows flight" pattern as closely as possible. I was on county road after county road. I passed through Beaverville and Effner (enough said).

I went through a 10 mile stretch where the landscape was nothing but massive windmills. It was like something from a sci-fi movie.

But alas, the GPS did not deceive. I arrived in time to The Verve, played in front of a great crowd at a great venue!

The End.


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