Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Olive (the hospital episode)

On Wednesday, Kate took Olive to the pediatrician because she'd had a cold since last Saturday. She'd slept almost all day on Tuesday, and was more lethargic on Wed. As soon as Kate arrived at the Dr's office, the Dr immediately became concerned and told Kate to go to the ER.

She said that Olive would need to stay overnight, get IV's, get chest xrays, and run tests on her mucus.

Naturally, we were very concerned!

Cora was asleep at home, so I was there watching her when Kate called with the news. I immediately posted on FB and Twitter and in a matter of minutes, friends from church, college, KC, and family - all kinds of people began to pray.

Kate rushed Olive to the ER. As soon as she entered, the Dr's were asking what the problem was. Olive was bright red and breathing extremely fast - it was obvious that something was severely wrong.

They got her a room and were prepping everything else.

All of a sudden, Olive made a 180 degree turn. No meds, no nothing. Just one second looking terrible, and the next looking like our normal Olive.

They went ahead and ran the chest xrays, but she was perfect.

There was no explanation. They expected her to stay overnight and need much more care.

Thanks to all that prayed. In my opinion, you worked a miracle!

Humbled & Thankful,


Ross Christopher said...

I spoke with a friend of mine that works in the NICU where we took Olive...she said we ALL need to lift up lots and lots of other infants struggling for their lives that came in with the exact respiratory symptoms that Olive was showing.


Katie said...

An awesome answer to prayer for sure - so glad she is better - so so glad!!!