Friday, February 5, 2010

Praying w/ Cora

Each day that we pray with Cora, its fun to see her become more and more excited. Some days we cuddle up in her room, on her big chair. Other days we just hold hands in a circle and pray. But until yesterday, either Kate or I were leading each prayer.

Yesterday though, Cora decided it was her turn to lead the prayer. It went something like this:

**Quick note: to get the full dramatic effect, please read with the voice of a 2 year old and when it says ....... break for a L-O-N-G pause.

Dear Deedus (Jesus)...

thank you for.....daddy
thank you for.....olive
thank you for....mommy
thank you for....andre (the drummer at our church - she's a big fan)
thank you for.....paul (guitarist at church)

(....long pause, then she started picking items on her dinner plate - which is essentially her daily bread)

thank you for.....milk
thank you for.....meats-a-cheese
thank you for.....raisins


not sure what to do in summation, we chimed in with, "in Jesus' name we pray"



Phil and Lacy said...

Oh my goodness how precious! This made me tear up.

Ross Christopher said...

i forgot to mention that she actually thanked god for bacon...she is my child!

Katie said...

LOVE it! God bless that sweet sweet girl!!!