Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Book Excerpt #12 (Ask the Right Questions)

Here's another quick book excerpt from my upcoming book, Outsourcing God. Enjoy!

© 2010 Ross Christopher Donaldson.

I’ve since learned that surrounding myself with passionate people and giving them freedom to take chances (win or lose) is the way to truly lead. One specific area that excels in this arena is our creative planning and brainstorm process. This is the team of people that are passionate about communicating vision, mission, and making a difference through art and beauty. But the group is also intentionally composed of individuals that are first, second, and third time visitors.

What I soon learned was the more I could tap the mind of our un-churched and dis-churched community, the more accurate questions we could ask, the closer our language resembled the community’s, and the more authentic we were. Not to mention, there is immediate buy-in when you’re on the creation side of things.

And in one afternoon huddled around dry erase boards and empty pizza boxes, I know without a doubt that this amazing network of people are asking and addressing the questions that are on the minds of our un-churched and dis-churched community.

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