Thursday, July 8, 2010

These past few months I've been in the studio producing a couple great artists. One project is 99% complete, and with a trip to Ardent Records in Memphis later this month to master the record, I'll wrap that project up. The other is about 70% complete. And now I'm itching to record my own stuff that's been brewing up since I released The River Child, back in 2008.

The plan (as of today) is to release a Ross Christopher E.P. sometime before Christmas, and to release an album with my sister (Lacy Adair - her album is incredible - CHECK IT OUT!) sometime late Fall. Both projects will be totally unique in their own right(s).

I'm mostly pumped because both are in the pre-production stages, and they span totally different genres - progressive/indie/rock to electronic/folk...yeah buddy, we went there.

I'll keep everyone posted as things progress. In the meantime, you can download The River Child HERE!


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