Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Kate and the girls are out of town, so last night I got a great deal of studio-work done on a song/riff/idea I've been toying with for almost a year now. I was able to lay down all of the drum tracks, bass, acoustic guitars, and 3 electric guitar tracks. The sounds are SO organic and raw - I'm lovin' it! I also laid down a couple string ideas on the synth, which I'll later replace with a symphony of beauty...that's what I do :-)

The plan (for now) is to play this beast over and over until I'm able to find just the right lyrics for it. I work that way.

Instrumentals and structure first.
Lyrics second. (most of the time anyway)

So now comes the process of reviewing and looking back at years of lyrics. I try and write about 5 songs/poems each week, so I have a dense catalog when it comes time to plug in the text. I already have a couple melodies in mind, so that should help narrow the search.

That's plenty for now, but I'll be showcasing a lot of the studio "happenings" in the weeks and months to come.

p.s. here's the real rock star of the family...

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