Sunday, September 5, 2010

Great (early Fall) Weekend!

The weather turned absolutely beautiful just in time for the holiday weekend and we've spent the majority of it outdoors. Friday night we enjoyed a 'winning' Cardinals game. It was 72 degrees at the first pitch, and by the 6th inning (when Olive decided she'd had enough) it was 64.
Yesterday I spent some time outside working on the yard and garage before Mizzou kicked Illinois' rear in our first football game of the year. Late yesterday day afternoon we BBQ'ed with some friends and enjoyed more time outside. Late last night, Kate and I read on the porch as the temp continued to drop. 'Twas a perfect night for a stogie!
Today after AWAKEN, we headed out to Centennial Farms to go apple picking. As you can see, we had great success!

Enjoy your day off tomorrow and spend as much time as you can outside...


p.s. i'll post more (& vids) tomorrow of our weekend adventures

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